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Got something nice to say? Or have a video of our products in use? Do you fit HVAC? Use Wire Suspension Solutions a lot? - Let us know! We'd love to shout you out and get your video advertised on our website. Email: or contact us on one of our many social media accounts (@HangTyteTM). 

eFIXX x HangTyte™

Over 2 Million Views!

"Forget the jack chain this clutch and wire system from HangTyte™ makes hanging LED Hibay lights and electrical equipment easy.

With an almost invisible 2mm wire and a safe working load of 54kg."


"These look far easier to adjust than the Gripple ones I was given a couple of weeks back"
'Sparkz' YouTube Comment

'F yes. Love these. If you can manage to squeeze the two together in opposite directions you can repel it. Very good tool/ gadget.'
'Danny Galles' YouTube Comment


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