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Suspension Wire Kits

Wire & Accessories

Stainless Steel Wire & Accessories

Catenary Wire & Acc

How's it hanging?

We are a wire suspension brand who excel in Wire Suspension Systems, solutions and kits. Continuously giving you products you're proud to install.


On our mission to give you the best experience with suspension wire & grippers, we relentlessly tested our catenary wire so you know you're in good hands. TUV Nord Tested and Certified - Certification Available on request.

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Modern Living Room

'Sparkz', YouTube Comment

"These look far easier to adjust than the Gripple ones I was given a couple of weeks back".

 Window Fixer

Peter Worthers, Electrician

"No Allen keys to mess around with unlike the gripple ones?? these look great"

Office Team

John Harrington, Sales

"More affordable, quicker & easier? - I'm sold".

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